ic_bus BC1

to Reading Blue Coat School

Reading Blue Coat School - BC1 Ascot Service

To Blue Coat:

07:30 South Ascot (St. Mary's Road)
 Ascot High Street (Station Hill / Bar One)
 Fernbank Corner (London Road)
07:42 Jigs Lane South (Innings Lane) 
07:44 Harvest Ride (Priory Lane) 
07:49 Binfield Crossroads (Terrace Road South)
08:09 Reading Blue Coat School approx arrival

Arrival Home times below for Guidance Only

16:25 from Blue Coat School
16:40 Binfield Crossroads (Terrace Road South)
16:46 Harvest Ride (Priory Lane) 
16:48 Jigs Lane South (Innings Lane)
16:54 Fernbank Corner (London Road)
17:00 Ascot High Street (Station Hill / Bar One)